Whether you get your lunch from the nearby deli or eating in restaurants with colleagues, although it is is quick as well as hassle-free, all those lunch meals out cost a lot and also increase your daily calories. Kids on the other hand, may deal with not-so-fun-and-healthy lunch alternatives from the lunchroom. Skip the strange meats, as well as pack simple, healthy, enjoyable lunch boxes for the entire family. Here are 8 lunch packing hacks to get you started.

Lunch Packing Hacks to get you started

Your health-filled lunch routine begins with the correct tools. The starting point is a lunch box or bag, which will act as the primary component. Choose a shielded container to help maintain a safe temperature for your food. Dimension should also be an important consideration. Your kid may be great with a tiny bag, yet you might opt for a bigger one.

Some additional tools for you to enjoy at the house when preparing food:

lunch packing hacks

Bento boxes

These prominent containers include dividers to ensure that you can place many various foods right into one bowl. This alternative lets you quickly add healthy food options to any lunch, also if they aren’t prepackaged. They are simple to use when eating, specially when time is restricted because it’s all ready to consume as soon as you remove the cover.

Storage containers

As opposed to bento boxes, several containers of different sizes, that can be reused, is also a great idea. Just make sure that they can close and seal properly and won’t leak.

Ice packs

The temperature at which foods are usually kept, is an important point to remember. Getting a lot of ice packs that can be used over and over again is a must, and also keep them in the fridge freezer to guarantee they’re ready at all times.


This is a great addition to any lunch pack as it expands the options of what you can pack, because it keeps food hot that needs to be until you can sit down and enjoy it.

Recyclable cutlery

This will save you a lot of time and is always handy to have. You will never have to go out of your way to try and find the nearest cutlery to enjoy your lunch.

Strategize and Plan in Advance

Whenever you are planning your list of groceries for the week, always keep your lunches in mind and get all the necessary extra ingredients to have options available for your lunches.

Streamline the preparation process by making a checklist of your favored lunches. You can quickly add those meals right into your preparation. Consider the dinner routine of the week ahead to get an idea of the kinds of leftovers that you might have and plan your lunches accordingly. As an example, if you’re having pasta on Monday evening, you can prepare extra and pack an additional portion for your lunch on Tuesday.

lunch packing hacks

Prep Foods in Advance

Prepping foods in advance can help you to maintain more balance with regards to your packed lunches. Set aside one evening every few days to prepare some things for the few days ahead. Sunday evening can be quite a good option for cutting vegetables, cooking pasta, preparing meat etc and then storing them accordingly and ready to be made on the go. This should help you with lunches for the next 3 days or so. Check out our post How To Food Prep – 7 Tips For Beginners.

lunch packing hacks

Produce Lunch Preparation Areas

Make the lunch preparation process as easy and fun as possible (or to allow your children to construct their very own lunches). Creating certain assigned spaces for preparing lunches can help with this. Begin with a storage space place for your lunch boxes, storage space containers, and also other reusable equipment, so that everyone can get them easily.

In the fridge, assign a specific cabinet or shelf as the brownish bag lunch location. Location yogurt, cheese sticks, entire fruit, and also various other cool lunch things because spot. You can get even part products into serving dimensions in bags or containers to save in that spot.

Same goes for the pantry to keep non-perishable items. You may place a tray or basket on a shelf to keep those things separate. When you’re making lunches to pack, you can go directly to the marked locations to order products rapidly.


Good luck on your path forward and that you will make good use of these 8 lunch packing hacks.


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