Here are some awesome lunch ideas for you to try at work.

Mason jar salads

You don’t require any plates for this one. Place your layered salad ingredients, dressed as you desire, in the jar. To keep the leafy greens from getting soaked, place it at the top and bottom of the jar. Give it a good shake and you’re ready to go.


Load a couple of slices from the night before to enjoy, even in your car.


Normal sandwich meals can be tricky to pack and keep from getting soggy, and producing a significant mess. Instead, load your favorite ingredients inside a wrap and seal it up tightly. The ingredients stay together better and overall much less of a mess.

Small cheese platter

Prepare a lunch box with the makings of a cheese platter to snack on. Cheese, salami, brown breads, fruit, dried out fruit, and some vegetables. You can conveniently snack on the goodies while you’re out.

Awesome Lunch Ideas

Lunches for the Office

While lunching at your workplace, you have extra choices for your lunches. The majority of workplaces have fridges for your lunches to kept cool until lunchtime. Most office kitchens or lunch areas also have microwaves, which allows you to warm up your lunches. Just make sure to marked your lunch boxes accordingly when sharing fridges and lunch spaces with other people.

Some ideas to try for your packed office lunches to prepare at home:


Use the night before’s taco meat, tortillas, and the taco ingredients of your choice. Assembled the tacos at lunchtime, and be the one that all of your colleagues will be envious of.


Sushi can be very easy to pack and very easy to consume when you have your lunch break. You can even snack on it while still at your desk if you’re having a busy day.


Use leftover pasta to develop a delicious meal for lunch. Easily add meat and vegetables of your choice to the pasta for a nutritious meal choice in a flash.

Awesome Lunch Ideas

Sandwich Switch-Ups

A sandwich can be the perfect easy-and-on-the-go lunch, however, the same old sandwich choices can get monotonous. Change up the method you use to make the sandwiches and they can become much more enjoyable. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Try croissants rather than bread.
  • Rather put your sandwich toppings in a tortilla.
  • Use leafy greens instead of bread for a much healthier sandwich choice.
  • Substitute the bread for a waffle instead.
  • Mix up the ingredients to keep things more interesting.
  • Cut children’s’ sandwiches with cookie cutters to make them enjoyable.
Awesome Lunch Ideas

Hope you enjoyed these awesome lunch ideas to try at work. Check out our post on 8 Lunch Packing Hacks for more great ideas.


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